About - DARIN MEYER { Award-Winning Photographer + Cinematographer + Director }

"When I want to take a picture, I get a camera.  When I want to tell a story, I get Darin."

The inviting mind of a storyteller.  The experience of an award-winning photographer and cinematographer.  The adaptability to bring those two qualities to bear on any project.  

Hello.  I'm Darin Meyer.

I've spent 20 years behind the camera on photo and video shoots ranging from billboard ads for the City of Marina Del Rey, CA, to Emmy-winning interactive ads for the TV show LOST (Dharma Initiative, anyone?).  From this vast experience I now possess the know-how to not only capture what the client needs, but to go a step further and let my fearless creativity and occasional serendipity deliver something truly unqiue.  Not just an image, but an entire story.  

I always strive to create the most visually compelling image possible that fits the client’s needs. No two clients are the same, so neither should the process be. Tailoring images to fit different demands is where the uniqueness and the creativity will come from.

An enthusiastic and powerful visual storyteller wielding a deep skill set of in-depth experience in every aspect production, from concept to completion.  An open communicator, a potent collaborator and an unforgettable creative asset.

No story goes untold.  I'd like to tell yours.



Amazing clients who asked me to shoot their story:

Parkside Cafe, Raleigh

Jose’s Mexican Food

Farmhouse at Roger’s Gardens




Smithsonian Institute 



City of Marina Del Rey, CA



Comedy Central


Baxter Pharmaceuticals




Kirsch Audiology

Robert Craig Wine Cellars

And many more.

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