Portfolio - DARIN MEYER { Award-Winning Photographer + Cinematographer + Director }

Career Spotlight

➢ Ad campaign successes include a company launch, a company refresh, and several product launches.

➢ Worked with a CEO to refresh an outdated national brand image by championing an unused market advantage, allowing the client to regain relevancy in a crowded space.

➢ Director of Photography of Emmy Award-winning Interactive Ad Campaign for hit television series LOST.

➢ Wrote and directed four music videos and five commercials, with two more in pre-production. ➢ Photos and videos shot for most networks and many local and national brands.

Creative Lead  .  6 years

Writer/Director  .  13 years

Cinematographer   .  12 years

Photographer  .  12 years

Darin Meyer  |  Creative Lead for Awesome Visual Advertising  |  www.darinmeyer.com  |  info@darinmeyer.com  | (310) 980-3356