Creative Lead / Director / Writer - DARIN MEYER { Award-Winning Photographer + Cinematographer + Director }

Specializing in brand defining and targeted campaigns, with an emphasis on strong story lines and cinematic artistry.

Creative Lead, Freelance / Writer / Director | “Real Chefs, Real Food” | Client: BistroMD (in pre-production)

• Campaign highlighted an unrealized market advantage, renewing client relevancy in competitive market.

• Conceived, wrote, produced and directed successful brand refresh.

Creative Lead, Freelance / Writer / Director | “You Choose Who Views” | Client: Aclipsa, Los Angeles, CA

• Product launch for groundbreaking secure video mobile app, ZipaClip, now an industry standard.

• Successfully pitched and awarded contract over three other proposals. • Conceived, wrote, directed, and co-produced targeted video ad campaign.

• Each lighthearted and cinematic video hits one of the four target demographics.

Writer / Director | “Dear Jordan” | Music Video, Artist: Stokes

• On-location desert shoot, shots from a helicopter, multi-camera, air-to-ground communications, SFX.

Writer / Director | “Aeroplane” | Music Video, Artist: Stokes

• Columbus, OH, location shoot at soccer stadium with 1,000 extras.

Creative Lead, Freelance / Writer / Director | “Your Life. On Film.” | Client: CinePortraits, Laguna Beach, CA

• Pitched and won contract for company-launching video ad campaign that showcases client’s unique offering.

• Conceived, wrote, directed and co-produced four videos with dramatic, sweeping cinematic style.

• Videos showcase the dramatic film-style production of a client’s personal story or life.

Writer / Director | “Dreamer” | Music Video, Artist: Aharon

• Fantasy story video shoot on location in Malibu, CA.

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